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Export LC

An Export Letter of Credit (Export L/C) issued by a reputable bank is an instrument that may provide you with a degree of comfort in knowing that your payment for the export of goods, provided the terms and conditions of the letter of credit are met, will be forthcoming.


Your customer can arrange for his bank to issue a Letter of Credit in your favor advised by us. Once the wording of the letter of credit is in compliance with your agreements with the buyer, you may then proceed and submit your documents to us for a pre-check free of charge. We will forward the original documents to the issuing bank requesting payment in terms of the Letter of Credit arrangements.


You can fill out forms below on your PC then sign and send them back to us. For more info Contact our Trade Finance team:


Export LC
  • Your customer’s bank has given an undertaking to pay for the merchandise being exported provided all the terms and conditions of the Letter of Credit have been met. 
  • The terms and conditions of the Letter of Credit can’t be altered without the consent of all parties. 
  • There are rules , issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and referred to as UCP600, that banks must adhere to in checking Letters of Credit.
  • Note however: Unless confirmed, the Letter of Credit will still be a risk with regards to the standing of the bank and the country of domicile of the bank

Presentation of documents under a Letter of Credit

Presentation of Documents for Collection

Order to Open a Letter of Credit

Documentary Remittance Letter

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