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Export Documentary Collection

Sending export documents on a collection basis is an alternative way of protecting your title over shipped goods while in the process of securing payment. You still have a risk that the buyer refuses to pay. However, as the control over the goods via the title documents remains with the bank, you do not lose ownership and access to the goods in the event of non-payment.


You as the exporter lodge your documents and instructions with us for collection. We will direct your documents to our correspondent bank overseas with instructions only to release the documents, including title documents, to the buyer against the payment or acceptance of the applicable bill of exchange, as per your instructions.


Export Documentary Collections provide a degree of security and are a favored method of doing business once trust and experience have been created between buyer and seller.


You can fill out forms below on your PC then sign and send them back to us. For more info Contact our Trade Finance team:

Export Documentary Collection
  • Possibly reduced bank costs compared to utilizing Letters of Credit.
  • The control of title documents remains in the banking system until the Bill of Exchange is either accepted (in the case of term items) or paid (in the case of sight items).
  • Banks must adhere to ICC issued Uniform Rules for Collection.

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